25+ Years of Experience Managing Portfolio Risk

CLS has a long history of building risk managed, global portfolios that seek to help investors accumulate wealth, generate income, preserve capital, or mitigate tax consequences.

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American Funds

Since 1998, CLS has been including American Funds in many of our Risk-Budgeted portfolios. Today, we offer access to our American Funds solutions, which start at a low account minimum and offer access to the F3 share class through Constellation Trust Company (CTC) with no transaction fees.1

Discover what makes CLS a great option for professionally managed American Funds assets.

1Other fees may apply

CLS Quarterly Market Outlook

Discover this quarter’s market outlook video, which explores the common threads between all CLS portfolios: Risk Budgeting and the CLS Investment Themes.

Fiduciary Responsibility

“…For every interaction we have with an advisor or client, I want our employees to be thinking ‘is this what I would doing if this was my mom’s money or even my money?’”

Learn why and how CLS’s approach to investment management is unique.

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Based on data available from Envestnet for the total Fund Strategist Portfolios within the Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios. These portfolios offer individual investors an actively managed portfolio comprised of mutual funds and/or ETFs. Many of the funds on the Envestnet platform are institutional class and are not directly available to retail investors. Rankings calculated by CLS using annualized total returns over 5 years for the period ending 12/31/2016. CLS is not affiliated with Envestnet. Investing involves risk. Past performance is not a guide to future results