25+ Years of Experience Managing Portfolio Risk

CLS has a long history of building risk managed, global portfolios that seek to help investors accumulate wealth, generate income, preserve capital, or mitigate tax consequences.

Explore CLS’s risk managed strategies.

Who We Are

“…We’re really here to do what is right for the client. So we want to make sure that we’re taking care of that client, helping them define and reach their goals…”

– Todd Clarke, CLS CEO

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Exchange Traded Funds

Discover what makes CLS one of the largest active money managers of ETFs, with more than $2 billion invested.

Navigating the DOL’s Imposed Fiduciary Rule

Explore details of the DOL’s rule, learn how advisors can transition from commissions to fees, and discover the solutions CLS offers to meet these new regulations.

CLS Logo_Teal and Gray CLS Investments, LLC (CLS) is a third party investment manager, ETF strategist, and long time trusted partner in the financial industry. CLS’s active asset allocation approach, customizable strategy offerings, and extensive risk management experience have led clients to entrust their portfolios to CLS since 1989.

Through CLS’s partnership structure, the financial advisor maintains a direct relationship with the investor, while CLS’s Portfolio Management and Analytics Teams take on the day-to-day research, trading, and operations required to manage the investor’s account. Together, the investor and his or her advisor use the tools CLS provides to determine the appropriate investing strategy, investment types, and risk budget. The advisor provides this information to CLS so we can accordingly make timely active asset allocation decisions within the investor’s portfolio. Through this mutually beneficial connection, CLS enhances the advisor’s service to the investor.

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