CLS’s Guiding Principle: To be a trusted partner with financial advisors and to deliver innovative investment solutions and reliable portfolio management to investors.

Our Roots

In 1972, W. Patrick Clarke began his career as a stockbroker at a time when others were struggling to survive in that profession. In 1975, he left that post to focus on working with individual investors to develop highly customized financial plans and investment management options. When other financial planners began expressing a need for this type of individualized approach, he began to partner with them as a third party asset manager. In 1989, Mr. Clarke was the majority partner in creating the independent asset allocation firm Clarke Lanzen Skalla Investment Firm, LLC. The company was founded on lessons Mr. Clarke learned as both a financial advisor and an individual investor. Under Mr. Clarke’s direction, that company would eventually become CLS Investments.

CLS Today

Today, CLS is an ETF strategist working with more than 2,500 financial advisors and 1,300 qualified plan sponsors to manage more than 35,000 investor portfolios. Since many financial advisors find their strengths lie in cultivating relationships and creating an overall financial strategy for their clients, they often choose to outsource portfolio management to CLS. CLS’s partnership model gives advisors time to create meaningful relationships with their clients and learn important details about their financial standing, investing time horizon, and specific investment objectives. When the advisor passes this information on to CLS, we can accordingly make timely and active asset allocation decisions within the investor’s portfolio. Through this mutually beneficial connection, CLS can enhance an advisor’s service to investors.

With several billion in assets under management and as a part of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, CLS has the investment experience to help advisors and individual investors achieve financial success.

CLS’s Process for Outsourced Investment Management

CLS follows a simple and repeatable process for outsourced investment management, designed to help advisors enjoy what matters most. The process starts with DISCOVERY, where CLS’s Sales Team learns about the intricacies of the advisor’s business and his or her investors’ unique needs. We take a look at various factors including account sizes, long-term objectives, desired investment outcomes, and more. Next, CLS offers a RECOMMENDATION on suggested strategies that align with advisor and investor investment objectives of accumulation, income, protection, tax management, or a combination of objectives. After that, the advisor PRESENTS the strategy to the investor, works with CLS to IMPLEMENT the strategy, and meets with CLS to EVALUATE progress. The last stage involves constant COMMUNICATION between CLS and the advisor, as well as the investor. We believe that following this process allows the advisor to free up and time, and in turn, enhances the value of the advisor-client relationship.


CLS's story: a video narrated by ryan beach, cls ceo