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Global Debt Levels

January 11, 2017
Debt crisis flowchart on a chalkboard with globe showing USA

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CFA, CLS Chief Investment Strategist The recent short-term rally in global stock markets has boosted optimism towards equity investments. While always glad to see our clients benefiting from market increases, CLS portfolio managers continue to keep a vigilant eye on market risk. In addition to our Risk Budgeting Methodology, we…

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Why Smart Beta ETFs are Leading the New Investment Revolution

January 5, 2017
investment real estate business background concept

Content provided by Joe Smith, CFA, CLS Senior Market Strategist Our industry continues to undergo a deep transformation that is shaking the very foundation of investing. Over the last two decades, indexing has moved from an afterthought for many investors to an increasingly dominant trend that has allowed many to access the global markets at…

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Capital Gain Distribution Explained

December 29, 2016

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Never Forget

December 23, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Five years ago, Bryan Gelster found himself overturned in his vehicle at the bottom of a 100-foot ditch, partially submerged in water. He made it out, and he knows how lucky he is to say that he did. He wears a wristband with the date of the accident…

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Making Good on a Childhood Dream

December 21, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Melissa with her husband, Brad Kulus and daughter, Lainey Kulus When Melissa Kulus was a little girl, she drew a picture of her future self. Outside a tall building, framed by a big-city skyline, she stood dressed in a suit holding a briefcase. “I wanted to be a…

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Good Impressions

December 16, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Four years ago, Sean Hollingshead was traipsing around the campus of Brigham Young University with celebrity media pundits from CNN and MSNBC and journalists from little-known publications around the world. It was in the midst of Mitt Romney’s bid for the White House, and everybody wanted to know…

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President-Elect Trump and the Fate of the DOL Fiduciary Rule

December 16, 2016
Hammers's judiciary with dollars on wooden background.

Content provided by Mike Forker, CLS Chief Compliance Officer How will the election of Donald Trump as President impact the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Fiduciary Rule? The answer is no one knows for certain. While Mr. Trump has not taken a position on the rule, a few members of his transition team have indicated that…

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The Winding Roads of Wichita

December 14, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer There was nothing on the radio in Wichita. No good music stations or public radio options. So Cale Beyer tuned into a talk show he’d never listened to before: The Dave Ramsey Show. Beyer had been in Wichita only a few months working as a distribution manager, which…

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Cyber Security

December 12, 2016
Security & privacy concept

Content provided by Nate Wattier, CLS Project Manager At CLS we take the security of your information seriously.  CLS, our parent company Northstar Financial Services, and its affiliates have all adopted the Information Security Management System (ISMS).  This is in compliance with ISO 27001 which is regarded as the highest security standard in the technology industry. …

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Reducing Volatility in an Uncertain Environment

December 9, 2016
Chart with graph, three gears and calculator

Content provided by Case Eichenberger, CIMA, CLS Client Portfolio Manager As portfolio managers, we are often questioned by clients about expected volatility and how we manage risk. This year is no different. Whether it’s nerves around the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, a perceived global growth slowdown, or dropping oil prices, volatility is all…

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