My favorite time of the year is upon us.

Never mind the promise of cooler weather, changing leaf colors, or carving pumpkins.

I’m talking about the Razorbacks, Cornhuskers, Hawkeyes, and Sooners.
The Cougars, Trojans, Utes and Fighting Irish (in no particular order, of course).
The Big Ten (really twelve) and the Big Twelve (really ten).
The Big East, Pac 12, ACC and SEC.
The Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl.

Naturally, I’m talking about college football.

This is the time of year that every rabid fan believes his or her team has a shot at the national title.
The time of year that every fan in the stadium is smarter than the Offensive Coordinator who should have run the ball on 3rd and short rather than try that pass in the flat.
The time of year that a grilled hot dog and cold beverage of choice seem to taste better in the shadow of your home team’s stadium.
The time of year you can feel comfortable hugging a complete stranger after a game-winning field goal or touchdown.

For me, this is the time of year that conjures up cool memories of past games – wins and losses:

  • Going to the game in Iowa City with my dad in 1985 when Iowa beat Michigan on a last second field goal
  • Experiencing the pain and humiliation of Arkansas losing to – get this – The Citadel in 1992
  • Watching Eric Crouch actually catch a touchdown pass
  • Seeing the bewildered reaction of my son as he witnessed his first in-person “calling of the hogs”

What are your favorite college football memories?

Just for fun, see if you can match some college football traditions with their respective schools (from memory only, no cheating):

1. Dot the “I”
2. Chief Osceola
3. Calling of the Hogs
4. Pink Lockers
5. Tunnel Walk
6. The Grove
7. The Cadet March
8. The 12th Man
9. War Eagle
10. Howard’s Rock

If you think you’ve gotten them all correct, send me an email.

Ahhh….the sights and sounds of fall.  Are you ready for some football?®