Holiday shopping is now in full-swing in stores and online. Do you know the answers to these 2012 holiday shopping stats?

1. How much are holiday sales expected to increase by this year?
a.  2 percent
b.  3 percent
c.  4 percent – holiday sales are expected to increase 4 percent this year, beating the 10-year average holiday increase
d.  they aren’t expected to increase

2. ____ in 10 consumers plan on spending the same or more this holiday season as compared to last year.
answer: 7

3. It is expected that there will be a ____% increase in online purchases this year.
a.  14.4
b.  8.2
c.  5.7
d.  16.8

4. True or False: 59% of shoppers do not plan on “self-gifting” this year.
answer: false – 59% of shoppers plan to spend an average of $139.92 on “self-gifting” this year

5. How much will the average holiday shopper spend this year?
a.  $750 between gifts, greeting cards, and decor
b.  $1200
c.  $850
d.  $525

6. Which of the following promotions is most desired by shoppers this season?
a.  percentage off
b.  buy one, get one free
c.  hassle free returns
d.  free shipping

7. What is the most desired gifting category this year?
a.  clothing
b.  gift cards – 6 out of 10 people would prefer to receive gift cards this year instead of other items
c.  DVDs, CDs, or video games
d.  electronics
e.  jewelry

8. True or false: Compared to other consumers, mobile device owners are twice as likely to spend over $800 on holiday shopping.
answer: true

Answers will be posted tomorrow!