Elizabeth Taylor Star

With the start of a new year, it’s no secret that many in the financial world are eagerly eyeing the first corporate earnings reports of 2013. So far, so good it would seem.

Alcoa got things off to a good start on Tuesday, Jan. 8, when it revealed that it was able to meet the expectations of Wall Street with a 4th quarter profit. Later in the week companies, like Helen of Troy, also posted strong earnings.

You know who was the real winner with strong earnings in 2012? Yep, that’s right – Elizabeth Taylor. According to Forbes, the estate of the deceased Taylor raked in a cool $210 million on the year. To put Taylor’s earnings in 2012 into perspective, it’s more than Oprah Winfrey and Peyton Manning combined.

Since there is still plenty of time to speculate about 2013 corporate earnings, I thought it might be fun to look back at who had the highest earnings for 2012. As the numbers below will show, while it might be tempting for young people to want to chase the millions of dollars available in Hollywood or for throwing a ball or a punch, parents would be wise to raise their little ones to be CEOs.

All of the following figures were reported by Forbes and all are in millions of dollars.

Deceased Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor $210
Michael Jackson $145
Elvis Presley $55
Charles Schultz $37
Bob  Marley $17
John Lennon $12
Marilyn Monroe $10
Albert Einstein $10
Theodor Geisel $9
Steve McQueen $8


Oprah Winfrey $165
Michael Bay $160
Steven Spielberg $130
Jerry Bruckheimer $115
Dr. Dre $110
Tyler Perry $105
Howard Stern $95
James Patterson $94
George Lucas $90
 Simon Cowell $90


Floyd Mayweather $85
Manny Pacquiao $62
Tiger Woods $59.4
LeBron James $53
Roger Federer $52.7
Kobe Bryant $52.3
Phil Mickelson $47.8
David Beckham $46
Cristian Ronaldo $42.5
 Peyton Manning $42.4


John Hammergren $131.19
Ralph Lauren $66.65
Michael Fascitelli $64.40
Richard Kinder $60.94
David Cote $55.79
George Paz $51.52
Jeffrey Boyd $50.18
Stephen Hemsley $48.83
Clarence Cazalot Jr. $43.71
 John Martin $43.19