Work Life Balance

Raising children when they are babies and toddlers and working full time is tough. However, for me the most difficult part came when I wasn’t able to pick my kids up from school to really hear about their day and get feedback from their teachers, help with homework, be with them while they had summer fun, throwing a load of laundry in before school/work and finishing it in between dinners and practices, planning meals that could be eaten at a decent hour. When you really think about it, our careers from age 22 to 65 would be 43 years long (most likely longer as our life span increases). I have 5-10 years of my children’s lives that I feel are crucial to be a part of.

I always thought of myself as an independent career woman. Getting married and having children was always secondary to being able to take care of myself and being a success in business. But, then I met a great guy and life unfolded in a better way than ever envisioned. Quite frankly, there came a time where it just wasn’t worth it anymore for me.

Luckily, CLS is one of those “smart companies” willing to find innovative solutions to help people work effectively within the organization. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity CLS has given me to work from home and spend this precious time with my family while continuing to pursue a career that I truly love. If they didn’t, I would likely be home right now very happily taking care of my family and not working. However, I would be missing a very big part of who I am with my career.

I believe this is a common story for many smart, ambitious women who are likely qualified to break that glass ceiling, but just didn’t see it worth the family sacrifices. I believe you find a lot of these women every day, leading the church/school fundraiser or president of the school board. These women have not officially broken the “glass ceiling” however they are leading important community groups that make our society function successfully.

I believe the best thing a working woman (or man for that matter) can do for her career is pursue a strong education and earn the knowledge to be the best at her chosen career. Learn to effectively communicate ideas to improve your function in the business, and strive to do the job you have to the best of your ability. Always be seeking opportunities to expand horizons and prepare yourself to take on the next challenge. By accomplishing these objectives I believe there will be more “smart” companies out there willing to work with us in order to keep the unique skills we bring to the workplace.