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March 17 was a good day. After a year-long deployment, my brother returned safely to friendly ground. Afghanistan is one of the last places on the planet you would ever want someone you care about to be, and anyone who has ever had a loved one deployed understands the fear, anxiety, and constant worry family and friends often feel.

When a loved one is half a world away, and facing perils you can only imagine, it gets one thinking. For example, walking into my financial office each day made me extremely grateful  for many reasons, but it especially made me think about how incredibly different our lives were during that time. I had showers, restrooms, good food, coffee, clean clothes, a bed…you get the picture… while my brother and so many soldiers were making do with far less. As different as the life between a civilian and soldier are, I’ve found a bit of common language through some of the correspondence with my brother.

In both finance and the military, one of the most important things to remember is to stay focused and disciplined. This was my brother’s third deployment, and through each of those tours he has talked about the importance of staying focused and having strict discipline. This mentality was sometimes difficult to instill into some of the younger and more novice soldiers. I have heard the same advice countless times from financial professionals, as well as how difficult it is to remind investors of this mentality. Quite often investors react on emotions, or impulse, rather than staying focused and disciplined, even knowing that it is the best course of action…I can only speculate how vital this mentality is to a soldier. Though it’s easier said than done, it is one of the ways to achieve success in both his world, and mine.

I’m not trying to stretch similarities here, but while there are no guarantees with investing or concerning the military, focus and discipline can be advantageous in both cases.







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