Content provided by Ritchie Brown, CLS Director of Trading

Nothing ever seems to stay the same, but making changes proves to be very difficult. Sometimes being reactive and letting the changes come to you is the easy road. Trying to be proactive and get ahead of the curve can be very difficult.

In the ETF trading world, this couldn’t be truer. Once you think you have the answer, it will almost certainly change. Sometimes, it changes in a year; sometimes, it changes in an hour. A company can give you a great execution on a trade in the morning and a marginal execution in the afternoon.  A trusted partner today may be gone tomorrow.

For example, one of CLS’s trading partners recently had a major change to their desk. A once trusted and proven partner has undergone a major change. How does CLS adapt and keep our edge when seeking execution excellence?

Can our partner keep providing the high quality of execution they have in the past? Will a new company emerge and replace what we’ve lost? If we chose to go another direction, will we make the right choice on a new partner?

The CLS trading team is constantly looking for ways to improve. They leave no stone unturned. So when faced with adversity, they’ve done the research and can quickly come up with the best possible solution.

What will the final answer be? What changes do we need to make? We’ll soon find out,  because what I do know,  is that I have a superstar team of traders who are passionate, dedicated, and will work relentlessly to find the best solutions and maintain the excellence the CLS trading team seeks.