Halloween Background

Content provided by Hande Koop, CLS Trading Manager

Every year October 31 is a night of fun, candy, and costumes. Although Americans spend billions in preparation for the Halloween season each year, this year it seems that American households will likely be spending less than in previous years. According to National Retail Federation’s Halloween Spending Survey, total spending on costumes, candy, and decorations is expected to reach $6.9 billion, compared to $8 billion last year. The possible impact of current headlines may have people focused on their budget, while shoppers seem to be reducing their Halloween expenditures in hopes of not cutting spending around the upcoming gift-giving holidays.

My family and I decided to join the thrifty celebrants this year by getting creative and having some fun spending less on Halloween costumes that we typically only wear once. As fans of costumes, we spent some time together creating our costume ideas and designs, experimenting with the idea of making something on our own this year instead of going with cookie-cutter store costumes. By re-using previous years’ costume pieces, finding good deals online, and even resorting to a little craftwork with needle and thread; we were not only able to spend a fraction of our usual amount, but also had a great time doing it. This just goes to show that efforts spent to find budget friendly options can always turn into a fun family event everyone looks forward to!