Nail polish

Content provided Paula Wieck, CLS Portfolio Manager

For readers who have been following my blogs, you may recall that I was recently staying with my in-laws for several months while our new home was being built.  Finally, after over three months, we have moved into our new house.  My husband and our three girls have had a wonderful time getting our beautiful new house situated.  Privacy at last!

The other day, as I carried my daughter’s laundry basket to her closet to put away her clothes, I encountered an awful sight.  One of my three little angels had spilled pink nail polish all over the carpet…our two-week-old carpet!  I anxiously threw the basket of clothes and immediately started googling to see how the heck you get nail polish out of light colored carpet.

Much to my dismay, every post, blog, or article had a different remedy, advising to use hairspray, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, etc.  I was desperate, so I tried anything I had on hand in a panic.  It never fully came out.  Sigh…whimper.

I couldn’t believe how much information was on the internet regarding this topic.  How confusing it was to decipher each remedy, not knowing which one would actually work.  It naturally made me think of all the information that comes across my desk everyday as a professional money manager.  There are so many differing opinions on the markets, which asset classes are the best to invest in, which asset classes you need to sell immediately…it’s enough to make your head spin.

This is why it is so important to have a sound, disciplined investment philosophy.  As an investor, a disciplined approach to investing helps to mitigate much of the emotional panic or greed numerous individuals experience while investing or trading their portfolios.  Many investors who trade based off of recent news headlines incur higher costs and lower returns.  Seeking professional guidance for your financial goals helps investors from over-reacting to the new age of information-overload.

Back to my carpet…I still don’t have a disciplined approach to getting nail polish out of carpet.  Let me know in the comments section if you do!