Content provided by Steve Donahoe, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager

I sit on a board of a local non-profit charity called Omaha Crimestoppers. We pay rewards to individuals that provide tips to the local police department that lead to the arrest of criminals. Recently there was a horrendous murder spree in Omaha that claimed the life a young mother of three children. It was a random act of evil, and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our organization took a number of tips related to this case and ultimately paid out a few thousand dollars in rewards as the critical tips that led to the arrest of the perpetrator came through our tip line.

The husband of the murdered woman did a follow up interview with a local television station and in the course of the interview the husband learned that Crimestoppers paid out some reward money to help apprehend his wife’s murderer. In a gesture of gratitude the husband got out his check book, then and there, and made a donation to Crimestoppers in appreciation of our work. Despite the total disruption of their hopes and dreams and all the hardships coming his way having to go it alone raising his kids, he wrote us a check! His wife’s name remains on the check, which gave us all on the board a sense that her spirit lives on and is helping fight some of the wrongs in our community.

Firms like CLS are in place to help clients achieve their financial goals and dreams. Consider making donations and including your favorite charity or charities in your planning in order to help all of the great organizations out there who are helping fight the good fight.