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For advisors who manage their own money, what value does CLS add?

Steve Donahoe, CFA, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager

A question I would ask in reply is where does that advisor’s economic outlook come from in order to set their allocations? 

At CLS we have an investment team of 14 Portfolio Manager’s and research staff with over 175 years of combined investment experience. Each member looks at various economic data and reports regularly. Add to that we have an outside economist on our investment committee who share his thoughts and views and helps us move away from a singularity in thought and vision. This does not mean we are going to perfectly forecast all of the bends and turns in the economy, but we will deliver professionally managed portfolios constructed around sound debate on potential economic impacts to portfolio positioning.

Beyond that, clients’ needs are diverse and it is doubtful that one advisor can meet the needs of every client. We have risk budgeted solutions for portfolio theory investors. We have protection portfolios for those clients who are more averse to market downturns. We have active strategies so advisors can make tilts in their own allocations. Bottom line: we can do it for them or with them; creating a valuable partnership.