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Content provided by Brian Towner, CLS Separate Account Product Manager

Technology can be a powerful tool, especially in the financial services industry. Technological advances continue to help shape and evolve advisors’ capabilities, which often trickle down into tangible benefits for investors. However, often times, initial launches of new technology can cause confusion for the end user, and the need to utilize multiple channels and tools due to the fact that while a technological enhancement may solve one problem, often there still remains many other pain points.

At CLS, we are always looking for innovative ways to stay on the cutting edge of technology, while also alieving pain points. One solution we have developed is through partnering with Riskalyze, a leading risk alignment platform, to create CLS Autopilot. This technology helps advisors overcome some very common obstacles advisors face, including account minimum requirements, accessible ETFs, centralized location for advisors and clients, as well as online account opening.

I often hear challenges that advisors are faced with, but there are solutions, and with the advances in technology, the solutions are becoming more and more accessible for the individual advisor.

CLS Autopilot can be a great solution for advisors who want to grow their business and service a new set of clients. With multiple model offerings, low minimums and electronic paperwork, you can work with more clients in more locations.

In addition, CLS Autopilot provides succinct back office solutions for advisors. We’ve created a true homepage for advisors to view clients, performance, run reports, and help service the investor. We don’t know what the future holds for FinTech, but we know that we will work as hard as we can to shape and mold it in a way to help advisors with their business.