Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer

There was nothing on the radio in Wichita. No good music stations or public radio options. So Cale Beyer tuned into a talk show he’d never listened to before: The Dave Ramsey Show.

Beyer had been in Wichita only a few months working as a distribution manager, which required a lot of hours on the road. He began his career as a writer and liberal arts major, but knew he was ready for something new – he just didn’t know what it was yet. That day, listening to Dave Ramsey, the broadcast guru of personal finance, Beyer starting thinking of a new path — one where he believes he’s finally found his niche.


Beyer grew up in Elkhorn, a quiet suburb of Omaha, NE. He always enjoyed reading and writing essays, and after high school moved west to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University. There, he majored in liberal arts and minored in English. “I’ve always liked biographies and learning about people,” Beyer said, “I enjoy reading because it lets you transport yourself into different people’s lives.”

Beyer decided to stay in Colorado after college. He loved skiing and living in the mountains and was, in his words, a “ski bum” for a few years. But mountain living was expensive, and after a time, Beyer got “sick of being poor” and was ready to begin a new phase in his career. He moved back to Nebraska and applied for a distribution manager position at a local company. After a year, he was transferred to Wichita, and that’s when he was introduced to Dave Ramsey.

“It was common sense type of stuff that I think we inherently understand,” he said, “but it helped to hear him repeat that and then hear the stories of people who follow his program.” The message clicked for Beyer. It was the first time in his life when he was making good money and watching his savings grow. He started to think about settling down and investing in his future.

Beyer moved on from distribution management to a position as a claims adjustor for an insurance company in Omaha. After about five years, he decided to make a move into finance and took a position at CLS as an internal wholesaler. Today, he works with Myles Bozinovski, an external wholesaler, at CLS whose sales territory covers nine states in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains.

It’s rare to find someone in the financial industry, on either the sales or portfolio management teams, with a creative background, and Beyer says it differentiates him from his colleagues. “They say I ask a lot of questions,” he said with a laugh. “I like to get the full story: the who, what, and why of everything.” Beyer says he looks beyond the surface of things and being inquisitive helped him adjust when he came into the industry with no financial background. He said, “Being willing to ask the questions and understand where people are coming from has helped me in this position and helped me build relationships.”

The position has also brought out a competitive side of Beyer, one that was previously dormant. “I think the older I get, the more competitive I get,” he said. That’s clear in Beyer’s professional goals, which he says includes vying for a presidency one day. But it also applies to his personal goals. Beyer says while he’s a long way from his initial path, learning to set financial goals, and now working within the industry where he helps people do the same has allowed him to focus on what’s important: doing the best he can to provide for his family, his wife and two daughters, and apply the lessons he’s learned from a winding journey to invest in their future.