CLS Portfolio Manager, Paula Wieck, CFA, shares her journey to success in the financial services industry. 


Q: What influenced you to seek a career in the financial industry?

A: It’s a funny story actually, it all began in the field of nutrition. My primary focus in life was to help people learn how to manage their health. Over time, I kept hearing my clients talk about their finances and retirement and it swayed me to begin my journey in the financial industry.  Financial health is just as important as physical health, and it’s something that people have trouble facing head on.

Q: What do your responsibilities at CLS include?

A: I manage the Investment Research Team whose main focus is to provide in-depth data for CLS’s decision making. I also co-manage three AdvisorOne multi-asset mutual funds which currently amounts to $1.2B in assets.

Q:  How have you helped improve CLS’s marketing, technology, and/or operations?

A: In 2012, I created CLS’s Investment Research Team by creating analyst job positions, interviewing for the positions, and hiring the team. I have developed the procedures, daily workflow, and tracking measures for this team that are still implemented today. I also assist the marketing team by providing performance reports and overseeing marketing collateral regarding the funds I manage.

Q: How has creating the Investment Research Team help CLS?

A: Since developing the team and applying new tracking procedures, we have doubled the number of projects and reports while meeting our set deadlines. The current system allows us to deliver analytics in a way that boosts CLS’s reputation and credibility in the asset management industry.

Q: Recently, you have published various commentary regarding women in the finance industry and show such passion with the topic. How do you intend to empower younger women to seek careers in the financial industry?

A: This is something I am extremely passionate about and think it’s important to continue building women up in the finance industry. I support a number of local women’s networking groups within my community. I am also a member of Women in ETFs, and have attended a couple large women’s conferences: the Institute for Career Advancement (ICAN) and the Women’s Fund of Omaha Conference. My goal is to take time to educate and motivate younger generations of eager women who are interested in the finance industry pursue their desired careers.

It is also very important to me that we begin encouraging younger children to take interest in the financial industry. The University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks Investment Camp is an event that is very dear to me. It allows me to be able use my knowledge and experiences to educate teenagers about important financial topics such as the stock market and ETFs. This camp at my alma mater helps prospective students learn more about investing and gain an understanding of savings.

Q: Throughout your years in the finance industry, who would you say has been a mentor for you?

A: I am proud to say that my supervisor and CLS’s Chief Investment Officer Rusty Vanneman, has served has a mentor to me. Since day one, Rusty has taken time to work with me on finding my niche within the finance industry. He also continues to support me in my efforts to promote gender equality in the industry and he also speaks about the importance of women in the financial industry. Having him in my corner and his constant support allows me to pursue two of my passions: investing and empowering women.

In part, these responses helped Paula earn the “Women in Asset Management Award” from Money Management Executive. 

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