Content provided by Nate Wattier, Project Manager

The security of our clients’ accounts and personal information is very important to us at CLS. We understand that with the prevalent threat of cyber breaches and security risks, investors not only value, but also need top-of-line security measures in place to protect them. One of the measures we take to help protect our clients’ identities is conducting verification procedures for every account. We also work with the custodians who hold our investors’ assets to ensure we understand their verification procedures. Such practices vary by custodian; however, we find that these custodians and CLS have several procedures in common, including the below.

  • Verification of secure information before providing information to any caller.
  • Signature verification on all written requests.
  • Notification of address and/or bank change requests, in addition to a holding period on distributions made following these requests.
  • Callers must provide accurate answers to account specific questions for verbal verification.
  • Proprietary, in-house risk management methods for multiple verification processes.

To learn more about the cybersecurity measures CLS takes to protect investor information, please download our Cybersecurity Report by clicking here.