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CLS is pleased to announce that we have been awarded ETF Investor of the Year by and ETF Strategist of Year by Click to explore our full list of awards and accolades.

This information is not complete without these disclosures:

Building & Trading ETF Portfolios

Join CLS for a series of webinars focused on ETF portfolio construction and best practices for trade execution. During this series, we’ll also uncover how CLS caught a “copycat” trader and best practices to avoid falling into this trap. Click to register or sign up to receive the post-webinar recording.

CLS Quarterly Market Outlook

Discover this quarter’s market outlook video, which explores the common threads between all CLS portfolios: Risk Budgeting and the CLS Investment Themes.

About CLS

CLS is an ETF strategist working with over 6,000 financial advisors and 1,300 qualified plan sponsors to manage nearly 45,000 investor portfolios. Since many financial advisors find their strengths lie in cultivating relationships and creating an overall financial strategy for their clients, they often choose to outsource portfolio management to CLS. CLS’s partnership model gives advisors time to create meaningful relationships with their clients and learn important details about their financial standing, investing time horizon, and specific investment objectives. When the advisor passes this information on to CLS, we can accordingly make timely and active asset allocation decisions within the investor’s portfolio. Through this mutually beneficial connection, CLS can enhance an advisor’s service to investors.

With several billion in assets under management and as a part of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, CLS has the investment experience to help advisors and individual investors achieve financial success.

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