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Poker Skills Come in Handy

February 19, 2013

Content Provided by Marc Pfeffer, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager As someone who has played poker for a long time, one of the most important attributes to winning is to read…

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Changing Face of Technology

July 18, 2013

Content Provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager In 1999, S&P and MSCI jointly created the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) codes to classify companies in various groups. Technology…

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February 6, 2013

…head. As I felt the sickness envelope me I strangely hoped my face would fall into my food as surely such a sight would attract the attention of someone that…

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Facing My Fears

March 5, 2013

…In the front row there is nothing to block the wind in your face or to somehow hide the tracks as you rocket through the air. I watched my sons…

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All In: An East Coast Guy in a Midwest Home

March 18, 2015

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Three nights a week, Marc Pfeffer can be found at a poker table. Sometimes at a house, other times at a clubhouse or…

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The Pullback-Correction-Sell Off

June 4, 2013

…in a continuing cyclical bull market and improving secular environment, meaning a strengthening period is likely to follow. Signals of Correction A wave of economic disappointments this year has increased…

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Adding Value with ETF Managed Portfolios

November 1, 2012

…in his article operate primarily online or via the phone, rather than through face-to-face consultation, like the advisors with which CLS Investments, LLC (“CLS”) works. The truth is that advisors…

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Chapter 1 – The Marketing Plan

September 9, 2009

…methods such as face-to-face (relationship) marketing, word of mouth (referrals), direct mail, printed ads and collateral, and public relations. A lot of marketing methods don’t cost money either. For example:…

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The Power of Delegation

February 12, 2014

…world of financial planning to guide clients through, the operational details of paperwork, the face to face interaction with clients and the ever-changing investment landscape. Not to mention, sales, marketing,…

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Chapter 5, Social Networking for your Business

January 26, 2010

…information, and newsletter archives. Keys to success on Facebook: Obtain a Facebook vanity URL so that people can find you easily Add your Facebook URL to your email signature and…

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