CLS's Tax Transition Process

Allows investors to transfer an existing non-qualified account into
CLS’s management and spread out capital gains over multiple tax years.

Taxes are inevitable. Managing them is a lifelong process, as their impact on investment performance can be significant. In fact, a Morningstar, Inc. study showed that during the 87-year period ending in 2013, investors who ignored tax ramifications within their portfolio lost between one and two percent of their annual returns to taxes. To help investors simplify their tax responsibilities, CLS offers a tax transition process which:

  • Helps investors transition their non-qualified accounts to a CLS strategy over the course of up to three tax years.
  • Spreads out investor capital gains, reducing the potential tax burden.
  • Provides access to low-cost ETF solutions, possibly reducing the amount of future taxes investors may incur.
  • Gives investors peace of mind knowing their assets will be transitioned by a professional money manager.
  • Liquidates investor accounts based solely upon the tax consequences of the transaction.

Once liquidated, investors may transition to any CLS strategy as long as the account minimum for that strategy is met. CLS offers strategies to help investors accumulate wealth, generate income, protect assets, or mitigate tax consequences.