Orion Advisor Services, LLC, (“Orion”) the premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors, today announced Orion Communities, an interactive peer-to-peer exchange that allows Orion clients utilizing its Eclipse trading platform, along with other strategists, to share model portfolios with each other in an open-source platform.

Communities is the only central marketplace that enables advisors and strategists to provide insight into their own investment strategies with each other, while still maintaining full control of the trading process. Orion has partnered with world-class asset management firms Russell Investments, BlackRock, and CLS Investments, which will share their own models, portfolio building tools, market updates and commentaries with the Orion advisor community, with many being offered at zero charge for Orion clients on its Eclipse platform.

“In a dynamic market, it is important for advisors to work together to offer the best possible investment solutions for their clients, and we recognized the market demand for a platform like Communities,” said Todd Clarke, managing director, NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, parent company to Orion. “With Communities, Orion is making it easier for advisors to access and leverage each other’s expertise, helping them diversify their practices and serve clients more efficiently.”­­

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