Traditionally, investors have relied on investments like CDs and bonds to generate income. However, in a low interest rate environment, these conventional sources may not yield enough to meet income needs. They also typically provide less opportunity for portfolio growth than stocks.

Investors seeking income may therefore be searching for other types of investments to supplement these traditional assets. CLS’s Income portfolios combine a variety of traditional and non-traditional income-generating assets from around the globe that offer the best income and risk/return opportunities.

How Have Yields from Safe Sources of Income Changed over Time?

How can a broad variety of asset classes within a portfolio increase yield opportunities?

Risk-Return Spectrum_Chart

Explore our Income Strategies

American Funds are renowned for their managers’ stock-picking expertise and long-term focus, which makes these funds an ideal complement to CLS’s Risk Budgeting and asset allocation specialization.

Since they were launched in 1993, ETFs have gained tremendous popularity. CLS began using ETFs in the late 1990s and is now one of the largest active money managers of this versatile investment vehicle.

Strategies intended to be used within a portfolio as satellite allocations for investors seeking to target specific assets and investment objectives, such as real assets, alternatives, inflation protection, and capital preservation.

CLS’s Separate Accounts solutions provide higher net worth investors and institutions customized and adaptive Risk-Budgeted portfolios of ETFs and/or individual stocks and individual bonds.