Investing is an emotional experience. The markets can take investors on a roller coaster of emotion ranging from panic to euphoria. For investors who are particularly sensitive to market declines due to a shortened time horizon or an extreme fear of decreasing account value, CLS’s Protection portfolios seek long-term growth as well as protection of principal account value.

how much time does it take to recover from a market downturn?
Approximate years to recover initial investment after a market downturn*
First Year Loss Years to Recover
-10% 2.3
-15% 3.4
-20% 4.6
-25% 5.9
-30% 7.3
-35% 8.8
-40% 10.3
-45% 12.1
-50% 14.0
* assumes a 5% real return (inflation adjusted) after experiencing the indicated loss

Explore our Protection Strategies

American Funds are renowned for their managers’ stock-picking expertise and long-term focus, which makes these funds an ideal complement to CLS’s Risk Budgeting and asset allocation specialization.

CLS manages the AdvisorOne Funds to meet a broad spectrum of investment goals within portfolios of all account sizes. These funds primarily invest in ETFs.

Strategies intended to be used within a portfolio as satellite allocations for investors seeking to target specific assets and investment objectives, such as real assets, alternatives, inflation protection, and capital preservation.