Studies show that investors who ignore tax ramifications in their portfolios can lose between 1% and 2% of their annual returns to taxes. Therefore, it is important for investors to make strategic, tax-conscious decisions about their portfolio’s investments, particularly if the majority of their assets are in taxable accounts.

CLS’s Tax Management strategies are designed to help investors do just that. We seek opportunities to harvest losses throughout the year, not just in the fourth quarter. This approach allows us to sell investments at market low points throughout the year and potentially realize greater losses (and offset more gains) than if we only harvested annually.

Explore our Tax Managed Strategies

Strategies intended to be used within a portfolio as satellite allocations for investors seeking to target specific assets and investment objectives, such as real assets, alternatives, inflation protection, and capital preservation.

CLS’s Separate Accounts solutions provide higher net worth investors and institutions customized and adaptive Risk-Budgeted portfolios of ETFs and/or individual stocks and individual bonds.