Security Benefit partners with 27,000 licensed and appointed financial planners and representatives through a network of 700 broker-dealers. In addition, Security Benefit is the 457 plan provider for more than 940 government employers. CLS has been approved to manage participant portfolios within their SFR product and has done so since 2007.

Options available within the Security Benefit SFR 401(k) and 403(b) programs include:

AdvisorOne Funds Strategy

This strategy combines multiple CLS-managed AdvisorOne Funds to produce a portfolio in line with the participant’s financial objectives and Risk Budget. These funds, which primarily invest in ETFs, cover a broad spectrum of investment goals, including long-term growth, total return, principal protection, and income.

Level Option

The participant’s account will be managed at the Risk Budget calculated from his or her responses on the initial participant questionnaire until he or she specifies otherwise.

Lifestyle Option

The participant’s account is initially allocated based on the Risk Budget calculated from his or her responses on the participant questionnaire, but the Risk Budget automatically decreases by one point every year. Participants will begin at their individual comfort level and continue to get more conservative as they move closer to their financial goals.