American Funds managers’ stock-picking expertise and long-term focus makes these funds an excellent complement to CLS’s Risk Budgeting and asset allocation specialization, which is why we have included American Funds in many of our Risk-Budgeted portfolios since 1998.

CLS American Hybrid portfolios focus on total return, meaning growth of value through interest, capital gains, and dividends, proportionate to the investor’s risk tolerance. Each portfolio is actively managed, meaning we make adjustments to it in an effort to maintain an appropriate risk level and seek opportunities in the market.

Through the American Hybrid Strategy, approximately 70% of the portfolio is allocated to American Funds, while approximately 30% is allocated to CLS-managed AdvisorOne Funds in accordance with the investor’s Risk Budget. If available through the investor’s custodian, there may be an option to customize the strategy combination. Therefore, the actual allocation to American and AdvisorOne Funds may vary.

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Moderate Portfolio (Risk Budget 60)


Any sample allocations displayed in this work are meant to serve as examples.
Actual holdings may differ. This information should not be considered investment advice.