For investors who own or would like to own American Funds, CLS offers the option for professional management of a portfolio consisting entirely of these funds. CLS also provides solutions that combine traditional American Funds with the CLS-managed AdvisorOne Funds (which primarily invest in ETFs), income-producing American Funds, or tax exempt fixed income funds in order to seek a variety of investment objectives.

CLS regularly communicates with American Funds managers and analyzes fund statistics to gain a deeper understanding of the funds’ holdings and characteristics. This insight allows us to build portfolios that are actively adjusted to seek opportunity in line with each investor’s long-term objectives and Risk Budget, even as market conditions change. We carefully manage each portfolio’s allocation to international, emerging markets, growth, and value equities, as well as the credit quality and duration of bonds within the portfolio.

CLS takes over the responsibility of daily account maintenance for each American Funds portfolio we manage. This means we facilitate all requests for withdrawals, required minimum distributions, deposits, and Risk Budget changes. Additionally, our institutional trading capacity means we can provide access to the lowest fee share class of American Funds.

Explore Our American Funds Investing Solutions

Portfolios are focused on total return, meaning growth of value through interest, capital gains, and dividends proportionate to the investor’s risk tolerance.

Portfolios seek consistent, reliable distributions from a variety of traditional and non-traditional income-producing assets.

Portfolios pursue capital growth during sustained market uptrends, yet seek protection of assets during catastrophic market downturns.

Portfolios seek capital appreciation while keeping annual net taxable gains low.