CLS Focused strategies employ an active allocation approach using ETFs or a combination of ETFs and Closed End Funds (CEFs) to target specific investment objectives or themes. Investors can augment or replace a traditional asset allocation with one or several of these portfolios.

Five to 12 ETFs, or a combination of ETFs and CEFs, are included in each portfolio. Each portfolio is inherently diversified based on the nature of the ETF or CEF structure.

In addition to adjusting portfolios to seek exposure to attractive areas of the market, CLS may also adjust the mix of assets based on valuation, fundamental, technical, quantitative, and economic factors. The concentrated holdings in these portfolios may lead to a wider range of performance over time.

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Portfolios are focused on total return, meaning growth of value through interest, capital gains, and dividends proportionate to the investor’s risk tolerance.

Portfolios seek consistent, reliable distributions from a variety of traditional and non-traditional income-producing assets.

Portfolios pursue capital growth during sustained market uptrends, yet seek protection of assets during catastrophic market downturns.

Portfolios seek capital appreciation while keeping annual net taxable gains low.