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Is Weather Affecting My Portfolio?

July 31, 2019

Content provided by Michael Hadden, Investment Research Analyst There are numerous factors that affect market prices: economic cycles, interest rates, demographic trends, even the Twitter activity of a particular account, just to name a few. With so many factors to consider when evaluating an investment, the last thing investors want to hear is that something…

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Season with a Pinch of Alts

April 25, 2019

Content Provided by Shana Sissel, CAIA – Portfolio Manager In today’s turbulent markets, more and more financial professionals are beginning to look to alternative funds for investment options. As a result, more investment managers are beginning to create alternative funds, and many hedge funds are registering their products under the 40 Act, making them more…

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Return Drivers of Commodities

June 7, 2018

Content Provided by Jackson Lee, CFA, Quantitative Investment Research Analyst “Be Creative” is a new CLS Investment Theme that was introduced the beginning of this quarter. To recap its introduction, “Be Creative” means CLS will add more exposures to asset classes such as alternative and real assets. The benefits of investing in these segments rather…

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