Welcome (back) to the CLS Blog! We’re excited to have you here.  You are probably noticing that this is our first post in over a year.  In the past, our blog content has focused primarily on best business practices. While we still believe this information is incredibly valuable for financial advisors, we also understand that you are inundated with business-related information and are probably constantly on data overload. That’s why we’ve been working hard to develop a new direction for our blog where we not only share compelling insight about the financial industry and operating a business, but also provide you full access to the CLS team and information about the processes that keep our firm running successfully on a daily business.

Our goal is to use the blog as an opportunity to showcase our employees and allow you to see a different side of our company that isn’t strictly business related. We have so many employees here at CLS who have unique life experiences, as well as talents and interest in writing. This blog will give our employees a creative outlet to share their experiences outside work, as well as things they’ve learned at CLS or do every day that may be beneficial to you and your business.

At CLS, we feel strongly that the independent fiduciary advice model is the best one to help client maneuver their way through this complex financial world. Technology and the Internet have leveled the playing field to where, today, individual investors have access to the same information those of us employed within the industry do. Now, access to information is no longer a value add; advice on what to do with that information is. We believe our new blog format will give you engaging and valuable content that will help you provide this advice to a very hungry and needy public. We plan to discuss everything from portfolio management, distribution, and qualified plans to insight from trips abroad, the experience of moving to the U.S. from another country, and tales from a salesperson’s life on the road. We’ll also continue to share advice on topics like practice management, PR, and marketing.

I hope the experiences we share in this forum will help you better create, preserve, and eternalize wealth for your clients, as well as give you more than a few chuckles and unique perspective along the way!