Currently, more than $16 trillion is invested in retirement plans, and that number is expected to increase by 40 percent, to $22 trillion in the next three years. That means there are tremendous opportunities for financial advisors to take on some of the fiduciary responsibility for these plans and bring a complete solution to plan sponsors and participants. Although there are great opportunities to increase business and client returns, there can be complex challenges when going at it alone. Therefore leading advisors are partnering with Third Party Advisors (TPA) and third party money managers to help navigate this market, and ensure that plan sponsors are providing their employees with a full suite of options.

By partnering with a third party money manager that acts as a fiduciary and specializes in ETFs, such as an “ETF Strategist,” and a TPA, advisors can complete the key functions needed to properly serve the qualified plan market. This combination of advisor, ETF Strategist, and TPA can be powerful to capitalizing on the changes happening in the retirement plan market.

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