Woman relaxing with music in hammock

Content provided by Marc Pfeffer, Senior Portfolio Manager

In a weekly back in June I wrote about how the Fed would be on hold until at least September. Brexit was still fresh in everyone’s minds, and the payroll data had turned surprisingly weak at least for a month.

Although the markets never sleep, the summer doldrums were setting in. For me, it was a great time to catch up on some of the musical acts that I loved as a kid. I got to see Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen. What made those shows even more fun was my kids loved them too. Watching my daughter’s face during the classic songs, some of which are older than I am, and then analyzing them like I would an ETF was really cool. Another thing I appreciated was the musicians’ passion to do what they love. None of them need the money, yet they continue to travel the world and please audiences because being a musician is part of their identity.

It’s the same for me and the markets. Nothing pleases me more than the first Friday of every month when the payroll numbers are released or a juicy CPI number comes out to get the juices flowing. The economic essential becomes my playlist, and hopefully that excitement stays with me as long as the music stays inspiring for someone like Paul McCartney.

While I hate to see the end of the warm weather, I am more excited for the market activity to pick up again and continue my playlist as long as possible.