As we prepare to celebrate America’s independence, we at CLS are thankful for our independent advisors who help provide their clients with financial freedom by offering proper coaching and advice to stay invested for the long term.
Before you head to the beach or fire up the grill this Independence Day, we’d like to remind you of some helpful resources that you can share with your clients to help them stay focused on their important financial goals.
The Sparkler: CLS Directions Newsletter, Summer 2019
In this quarter’s Directions newsletter, our Portfolio Management Team breaks down factors that may potentially lead to increased market volatility and what investors may do (and may not do) to be ready. We also unveil two new CLS Investment Themes that represent a common thread between all of our portfolios. Plus, we provide some of our best insights on everything from the power of direct indexing, whether we think value investing is dead, possible impacts of self-driving vehicles, and more!
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The Bottle Rocket: CLS Monthly Chart Pack – Starting Points Matter
CLS’s Monthly Chart Pack is designed to provide you with insight on market trends and indicators, and what they mean for CLS-managed portfolios. In this month’s chart pack, many signs point to continued volatility as U.S. Markets climb higher, despite growing concerns of geopolitical stress, yield curve inversion, and signs of slowness in certain parts of the economy.
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The Silver Salute: CLS Monthly Perspectives
CLS Monthly Perspectives covers CLS’s views on what areas of the market we believe are most attractive, how we’re positioned across our portfolios, why we allocate to the areas we do, and our outlook for the next 12 months. In our June edition, we explore the updated CLS Investment Themes. Be Active, tilts CLS portfolios toward favorable asset classes including international stocks and value stocks. Be Resilient, focuses on cyclical sectors like consumer staples and healthcare. Be Innovative, incorporates innovative technologies from a variety of sectors including cybersecurity, clean energy, fintech, and artificial intelligence.
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The Grand Finale: CLS Reference Guide
Produced quarterly, the CLS Reference Guide combines elements from nearly all other CLS resources. Providing information about CLS’s Investment Methodology, stock and bond market outlooks, CLS Investment Themes, and more, this valuable resource is produced with you in mind. Using this tool, you can walk your clients through the CLS process and demonstrate the value of working with a third-party money manager. This quarter, we’ll highlight what worked and what didn’t work for both CLS and the markets, and provide insights on where CLS is headed in the third quarter.
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In addition to these materials, our CLS Sales Team and Portfolio Management Team are available to help with proposals, client reviews, and client events. Feel free to reach out to the CLS Sales Team with any requests.
Have a fun and safe Independence Day!