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Top Five Blogs of 2019

February 10, 2020

By Kostya Etus, CFA, Co-Director of Research and Senior Portfolio Manager Did you know we regularly publish articles on Here are the top five most-read blogs posted by our team in 2019. Looking over them provides some insight into our thinking over the last year.  No. 5 ETF Trends: CLS Investments’ ETF Dashboard by…

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Why the Destination is Highly Dependent on the Journey

June 13, 2018

“Life is a school of probability.” — Walter Bagehot Content Provided by Joe Smith, CFA – Senior Market Strategist What will the markets return in the next 12 months? Should investors expect 20% gains per year in the future? Will the markets correct by more than 10% in the next six months? We frequently encounter…

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How Have I Changed?

September 29, 2017
Rusty Vanneman

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, Chief Investment Officer I’m often asked by investors, now that I have 30 years in the industry under my belt, how I have changed as an investment professional over the years. It’s a good question and, frankly, it should be asked of every investment manager and advisor. The…

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Some Trading Maxims That Influenced My Investing

August 18, 2017

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, Chief Investment Officer Years ago, I worked with bond and currency traders around the world (mostly in New York City, Chicago, and London), providing trading recommendations and market commentary every 20 minutes during market hours. The work environment was fast-paced, fun, and absolutely awesome in terms of being…

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CLS Answers Your Questions

May 4, 2017

Content provided by Case Eichenberger, CIMA, Client Portfolio Manager I’ve received a few thoughtful questions from advisors this week, and I’d like to address them as I believe they may be on the minds of many CLS clients. How will President Donald Trump’s tax plan affect the economy and how are we positioning portfolios? The…

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The Timing Game

March 17, 2017

Content provided by Grant Engelbart, CFA, CAIA, CLS Portfolio Manager The market is always full of diverse opinions, and after the recent rally and multi-year bull market we’ve seen, now is no exception. Let’s look at an example. We all have friends who are a little bit crazy – let me introduce you to a…

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March Madness

March 10, 2017

Content provided by Marc Pfeffer, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager March is one of my favorite months of the year. The days are getting longer, the NASCAR season is gearing up, baseball’s spring training is underway, and, of course, basketball is readying to take over our televisions for one “mad” month. This year, the markets are…

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Capital Gain Distribution Explained

December 29, 2016

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Financial Psychology 101

November 18, 2016

Content provided by Kostya Etus, CFA, CLS Portfolio Manager Psychology and human behavior are some of the most interesting and challenging aspects of financial management. Understanding the motivations behind a client’s behavior and how to effectively encourage him or her to develop healthy financial habits can mean the difference between success and failure for our…

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CLS’s Fantasy Draft

November 14, 2016

Content provided by Kostya Etus, CFA, CLS Portfolio Manager & Scott Kubie, CFA, CLS Chief Strategist

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