The fifth annual Awards Thursday night in New York City honored products, people and companies that made a difference in the ETF industry in 2017. The more than 30 categories recognize everything from new funds to established products, as well as the issuers, service providers and end users who make the industry go round.

This year, the Lifetime Achievement Award went to WisdomTree executive vice president and head of WisdomTree Europe David Abner, who joined the firm in 2008 from Bear Stearns and has been a driving force for investor education on ETFs and how to trade them.

“Not long after I joined WisdomTree, I realized that investors—mostly institutions and advisors—were starting to use the products more, but really didn’t understand how the products were priced, why spreads had a particular width and where ETF liquidity came from,” Abner said. And from that realization grew his book, “The ETF Handbook,” which is currently entering its third edition.

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