EP 002 – Rusty Vanneman
Today I’m joined by Rusty Vanneman, who heads up CLS’s Portfolio Management Team overseeing all investment operations at CLS – investment philosophy, process, positioning, and performance.
Today’s 10 Questions
[1:42]  How is CLS changing the investment industry?
[3:38]  Big investment themes for the coming years?
[4:49]  What are investors missing on active management?
[6:08]  Biggest market lesson learned in 2019?
[7:17]  “Investing Dictionary”: What word would you remove?
[8:20]  Two factors to invest in for the next 100 years?
[10:12]  Hardest factor to quantify?
[10:30]  Current view on on ESG investing?
[10:58]  One bad recommendation you continue to hear?
[11:46]  Free tool for business you would recommend?

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