Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”), the premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors, today announced that its direct-indexing tool for Advisor Strategy and Tax Return Optimization (“ASTRO”) will become available to all financial advisors on the Orion platform on March 1, 2018.

With ASTRO, advisors can create customized, separately managed account (SMA) portfolios for all of their clients, faster and with less expense than ever. Advisors can build tax-efficient non-qualified accounts, replicate indexes with customized tilts, incorporate legacy stock positions into model portfolios, accommodate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requests, and receive notifications when an account is out of tolerance, all with built in automated tax-loss harvesting.

“Until now, the high costs and massive time commitment associated with building highly customized separately managed accounts prevented financial advisors from bringing these capabilities to clients,” said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion. “The powerful technology fueling ASTRO empowers advisors to accomplish all of the above in minutes at a fraction of the cost.”

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