Retirement is a goal for most everyone. For some, that goal is decades away. For others, the goal may be rapidly approaching. And then there are those for whom the goal has arrived, and who have entered the withdrawal phase of their financial lives.

Some professional investors say exchange-traded funds allow them to provide better retirement solutions for their clients than mutual funds traditionally have.

Morningstar’s Christine Benz moderated a panel at the Morningstar ETF Conference addressing this topic. Panelists Will McGough from Stadion, Bob Smith from Sage Advisory, and Scott Kubie from CLS Investments agreed that ETFs allow them to more effectively manage risk.

“We have a greater degree of confidence in the risk we’re taking with ETFs due to transparency,” said Kubie.

ETFs also provide investors with access to markets that were heretofore unavailable, he noted. For instance, Kubie can now deliver currency-hedging strategies to clients thanks to ETFs.

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