Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg, CFA, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager

Our family spent most of the past two weekends at soccer and baseball fields. Memorial Day weekend marked the end of spring soccer season, but we are still in the heart of baseball. I have to admit I love it. Tori consistently reminds us she is not a “sports person.” But, when it comes to playing she gets out there and has a good time. Stryker, on the other hand, would play sports 24/7 if he could. In fact, he wrote an English essay in third grade that was all about how homework should be banned. His reason for the ban was that there are some kids who enjoy going to sports practices and games, and it is not fair that homework must be done before they can go.

For those of us with our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, having Memorial Day and the first weekend of June filled with family games holds just a little extra twinge of joy.  For at least three grueling years (aside from those few brilliant souls who pass level 1 in December and then rock 2 and 3 in June) the person pursuing their CFA designation forgoes camping trips and spring outings to spend their days pouring over study guides, books, and practice tests to prepare for the test given every year on the first Saturday of June. I distinctly remember one year I couldn’t resist a girls’ trip to South Padre Island several weeks before the test; papers flying everywhere as I studied on the patio. I don’t think I did very well that year. Not something I would recommend!

CLS has five employees that took the test this previous Saturday and they deserve a pat on the back and round of applause for their months of studying. Their respective significant others also deserve such praise (if not more, according to my husband). Now they can sit back and reward themselves with a weekend of sun and no studying. There are a scant couple months before test result anxiety sets in. For those awaiting level 3 results the stakes are high. What will Memorial Day weekend entail next year?

Kudos to these dedicated investment professionals who have chosen to finish homework before play!  The rewards can be great!