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Are You Afraid of Dark Headlines?: Being Too Scared Can Harm Your Investment Returns

October 31, 2019
Being Too Scared Can Harm Your Investment Returns

While being informed is a good thing, we address, in the spirit of Halloween, why investors need to be wary about how they react to headlines and why there is no need to be scared for their investment returns.

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Cumulative Returns and the Power of Compounding

September 10, 2019

By Kostya Etus, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager In performance reports, time periods over one year are often annualized. Annualized returns may seem small, but compounded over a long period, they result in significant cumulative returns. As returns get higher and the time period stretches, small differences begin to have a more exponential impact. But it…

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How to Perfectly and Ruthlessly Ruin Your Investment Portfolio

September 4, 2019

By Jeovany Zelaya, Client Portfolio Manager I’d like to give you a FREE step-by-step guide on how to fabulously and ridiculously end up with as little money as possible when it comes to your investment portfolio and, along the way, end up hating yourself. Ready!? Let’s go! 1. Don’t save anything at all. Spend everything…

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Is a Recession Really That Bad?

August 1, 2019

By Kostya Etus, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” –Rafiki, The Lion King (1994) A potential slowdown in the economy and the prospect of a recession has been a hot topic lately. Let’s take a closer look…

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Is Weather Affecting My Portfolio?

July 31, 2019

Content provided by Michael Hadden, Investment Research Analyst There are numerous factors that affect market prices: economic cycles, interest rates, demographic trends, even the Twitter activity of a particular account, just to name a few. With so many factors to consider when evaluating an investment, the last thing investors want to hear is that something…

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In Our Current Volatile Market, Hold On for One More Day

July 24, 2019

From Y2K to 9/11 to the European debt crisis to Brexit, there will always be reasons not to invest in the stock market.  The latest reason? An ongoing trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States. After the U.S. announced expanded tariffs on Chinese goods, and China has responded in…

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Making the Case: 3 Tips for Better Investing

July 23, 2019

By: Case Eichenberger, CIMA®, Senior Client Portfolio Manager As the bull market marches on, new highs appear in sight. But investors are not overly optimistic. If they are, there is a good chance they are focusing on a single country — the U.S. I have heard some unique reasons lately why international stocks don’t make…

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10 Insights for Advisors: Q&A with CLS President Rusty Vanneman

July 15, 2019

If you’re looking for fast answers to tough investment questions — like what to expect from the stock market for the remainder of the year, or the impact Trump’s tweets have on the market — you’ve come to the right place. President and CIO of CLS Investments, Rusty Vanneman, answers 10 of the top advisor…

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Four Ways to Light Up Your Client Conversations this 4th of July; No Fireworks Required

July 3, 2019

As we prepare to celebrate America’s independence, we at CLS are thankful for our independent advisors who help provide their clients with financial freedom by offering proper coaching and advice to stay invested for the long term. Before you head to the beach or fire up the grill this Independence Day, we’d like to remind…

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Making the Case: 3 Tips for Better Investing

June 25, 2019

By: Case Eichenberger, CIMA®, Senior Client Portfolio Manager In this week’s Making the Case, I address value stocks. Particularly, U.S. value stocks. Value stocks trade at a discount relative to the market, but occasionally they trade at very deep discounts. Investors typically expect to be compensated for the extra risk with these stocks, which tend…

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