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Capital Gain Distribution Explained

December 29, 2016

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Never Forget

December 23, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Five years ago, Bryan Gelster found himself overturned in his vehicle at the bottom of a 100-foot ditch, partially submerged in water. He made it out, and he knows how lucky he is to say that he did. He wears a wristband with the date of the accident…

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Making Good on a Childhood Dream

December 21, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Melissa with her husband, Brad Kulus and daughter, Lainey Kulus When Melissa Kulus was a little girl, she drew a picture of her future self. Outside a tall building, framed by a big-city skyline, she stood dressed in a suit holding a briefcase. “I wanted to be a…

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Good Impressions

December 16, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Four years ago, Sean Hollingshead was traipsing around the campus of Brigham Young University with celebrity media pundits from CNN and MSNBC and journalists from little-known publications around the world. It was in the midst of Mitt Romney’s bid for the White House, and everybody wanted to know…

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The Winding Roads of Wichita

December 14, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer There was nothing on the radio in Wichita. No good music stations or public radio options. So Cale Beyer tuned into a talk show he’d never listened to before: The Dave Ramsey Show. Beyer had been in Wichita only a few months working as a distribution manager, which…

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Cyber Security

December 12, 2016

Content provided by Nate Wattier, CLS Project Manager At CLS we take the security of your information seriously.  CLS, our parent company Northstar Financial Services, and its affiliates have all adopted the Information Security Management System (ISMS).  This is in compliance with ISO 27001 which is regarded as the highest security standard in the technology industry. …

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A Lesson in Stepping Up

December 8, 2016

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer When Ryan Byrne was 21 years old, he met his future wife. They were on a camping trip with friends, and Byrne was two years into college, studying management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His wife, Angie, was working full time, getting her degree, and raising…

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Early Lessons

December 1, 2016

  Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Mike Nixon was taught to invest by his grandmother. She bought stocks that he picked out when he was little and taught him about knowing the companies he was buying into and looking for ones that pay dividends. In a recent interview, Nixon recalled liking the idea…

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The Third P: Process

November 30, 2016

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman CFA, CMT, CLS Chief Investment Officer In previous commentary, I wrote about the “Five Ps” of the money manager’s due diligence process: People, Philosophy, Process, Positioning, and Performance — in that order. Each of the Five Ps should be addressed by the person selecting an investment advisor. Ultimately, it’s about…

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Summer Doldrums?

November 15, 2016

Content provided by Marc Pfeffer, Senior Portfolio Manager In a weekly back in June I wrote about how the Fed would be on hold until at least September. Brexit was still fresh in everyone’s minds, and the payroll data had turned surprisingly weak at least for a month. Although the markets never sleep, the summer doldrums…

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